A guide to wedding flowers in Cape Town

Modern table settings and wedding flowers showcase the beauty of proteas and neutral-toned decor.

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If you plan to get married in Cape Town and want to make your day lush and green, then using flower bouquets and flowers as centrepiece decorations truly is a special way to go about it. Cape Town happens to have a beautiful selection of wedding venues and gorgeous wedding flowers to accompany. We’ve developed this guide to make your journey to the big day a little easier.

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Bride and Groom Table Flowers

The bride and groom are the centre point of every wedding. After all, the special day is all about them and their love; the main table flowers really are an artistic representation of the love that they share. Naturally, the bride and groom table flowers should be opulent, lush and a focal point for the big day. We’ve been fortunate to be able to supply Wedding Flowers In Cape Town for some lavish weddings. One thing to consider for the bride and groom is the time of year that you’ll have your wedding, as seasonality heavily influences flower choices. You can, of course, get flowers flown in, but with an abundance of natural flowers in South Africa and Cape Town, why not choose local? You’ll save money, save the planet and support our local communities.

An excellent option for the main table flowers is the use of roses, penny-gum and tulips. Roses have often been regarded as a symbol of love. It should come as no surprise that they’re most often used in main table arrangements. Did you know that a rose’s shape is influenced by the number of petals on the head? As roses come in a variety of colours, you’ll definitely find some to fit your wedding decorations and theme. Penny-gum is often used to create an abundance of greenery.

Bride and groom table flowers with roses, penny gum and tulips

Proteas are another tremendous and indigenous flower that can be used in your wedding. There is a wide variety of Proteas these include King Proteas, Pin Cushions and Blushing Brides. There is a Protea that is sure to fit your needs, no matter your individual or your combined taste as a couple. Proteas are extremely resilient flowers that will be hardy even in harsh heat or cold winter days. Proteas can be used all year round and for all season weddings. Another attractive characteristic of Proteas is that they’re eco-friendly. They’re great flowers for your carbon footprint. They are produced locally and therefore do not require transport by plane.

Modern table settings and wedding flowers showcase the beauty of proteas and neutral-toned decor.

The Dahlia flower looks exquisite when used in the bride and groom’s wedding table flowers. Dahlias come in many colours, including white, pink, yellow, burgundy, peach, blush, purple and orange, so you are bound to find something to suit your wedding theme. The size of the flower always makes a big impression as they are large wedding flowers compared to roses. The pink Dahlia is splendid when contrasting more neutral undertones such as white or charcoal and creates a lovely pop of colour. A pop of colour is what draws the guests to the main table and thus is most appropriate for the bride and groom’s wedding table flowers.

Main table flowers with beautiful big pink Dahlias

Types Of Throwing Flowers

There are two main types of throwing flowers to consider. Flowers and specifically petals are thrown as the couple leaves the place where they chose to tie the knot. Be it a Church, Chapel, garden, beach or any other religious or spiritual venue. Throwing flowers can be a very romantic thing to do, especially for a small wedding. Secondly, the flower girl throws flowers, which is slowly sprinkled from a basket as the couple enters the venue. In the past, throwing flowers have been commonly known as a tradition that dates back to the 16th century. The groom would throw his bouquet at the bride’s feet to indicate his readiness to consummate the marriage. Thank goodness that tradition has morphed into something less primal and more celebratory. 

Throwing flowers at weddings were historically thrown by the community’s women to signify that the event had begun. The bride and groom had become the master and mistress of their new house, and that they would continue their lives together in contentment.  These days everyone gets to take part. 

We let the little one’s throw flowers too, and flower girls or boys will most often throw rose petals. Which is a lot better than sweets, in our opinion, a recent trend we don’t enjoy. Flower girls throwing flowers is a beautiful tradition that we all still enjoy to this day. Don’t forget to consider the number of rose petals you’ll need before and after your wedding. An often forgotten part are flowers for photographs, these really help make your wedding day photo amazing. They usually come in boxes as the quantity. Lastly, don’t forget to consider where the rose petals will be held.

What Is the Cost of Wedding Flowers in Cape Town

Usually, the cost of wedding flowers relates to the number of guests you have and therefore the number of tables. Per guest, it can range in price from R50 up to R300. 

Several factors influence the cost of wedding flowers, these are

  • In Cape Town, we are fortunate to have several flower farms that make flowers cost slightly less. However, this is only if you choose locally grown varietals. When you’re set on a variety of flowers and need to be flown in, the price per guest goes up dramatically. 
  • Another factor to consider for the cost of wedding flowers is the venue you choose. Specific venues will have natural greenery in the garden, which means you can reduce your inside flowers. Or put them in alternative places which add a beautiful touch, consider the entrance to the venue, gift table, bar, bathrooms, seating plan area and on the bridal cars.
  • Some venues have a lot of decorations inside, and thus you will also require fewer flowers. Venues with less natural greenery or that are barer will need more flowers to fill up the room and bring a nice pop of colour.
We usually advise our bride’s and groom’s to budget for R200 per person as this will give you a bit of leeway to decide what you want. Of course, the type of flowers that are required will significantly influence the cost.

Bridal Bouquets In Cape Town

When choosing what flowers to put in your bridal bouquet, there are three crucial aspects to consider. These are fragrance, size and flower preservation . Scent plays a big part when it comes to selecting your bridal bouquet flowers. Choosing flowers that smell pleasant is always advisable. After all, you don’t want smelly flowers when you say “I do”. Flowers that smell nice are the following: imported roses, garden roses, peonies, stocks, lavender and freesias. Flowers that don’t smell nice generally include fynbos. We find that when very fresh, they can smell unpleasant. You want to choose a flower that can last outside of water for at least 3 days for flower preservation. Also, consider if your wedding is in the middle of summer, it may be shorter. The bride’s bouquet should be picked up a day or two before the wedding to avoid wilting.

A group of brides and bridesmaids holding white roses in bridal bouqets

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Flowers?


According to the National Association of Flower Exporters and Importers, the most popular wedding flower is the rose. Roses are an essential part of any wedding and for good reason. They’re romantic, fragrant, and they last for ages. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have enough, by using a florist you will have good guidance. Roses can vary in size, and scent, so make sure to take the time to find a suitable variety for your specific needs. They also come in a variety of colours, some more traditional than others.


In the Netherlands, tulips are mainly grown for their beauty and for their seasonality. In South Africa, however, they are often used in weddings. They come in a wide range of colours, making them a popular choice for weddings. Holland Tulips makes the best tulips, but you can find other varieties. The tulips should be delivered to your venue at least 1-2 days before the event.


Peonies are small flowers with pink petals that grow in clusters. They’re known for their delicious perfume and delicate scent. The best way to get them for your wedding is to enquire with your florist or wedding planner. The more traditional peonies are different shades of pink with petals that come in several shapes and sizes. Like all other flowers, you can choose which ones to include in your wedding bouquet.


Hydrangeas are popular wedding flowers for a variety of reasons. They are typically white but can also be pink, blue, or purple. They are usually used for weddings because of their abundance of petals, which means you can get away with using less than you would use with other flowers. We particularly like them in blue as the colour is beautiful and often complements a white dress or navy suit. Tip – be aware they do wilt quickly if not treated after picking – so ensure your florist knows how to do this.

Getting Cheaper Wedding Flowers In Cape Town

Cheaper wedding flowers are generally hired fake flowers. However, a cost-effective alternative is to buy wholesale flowers and then arrange them yourself.

A bride needs to pick the flowers she would like to use for her wedding at least 3 months in advance. It is advisable to go for a classic approach and play it safe when arranging your own flowers by choosing the traditional colours.

Arch Flowers

The arch is an important focal point of any wedding. It can be decorated with foliage, flowers and ribbons to create a stunning centrepiece. When deciding what type of flowers to use, there are many options to choose from. Some popular arch flowers include the Calla Lily, Rose, Hydrangea, Pennygum, Roses or even Proteas.

Whilst there are countless ways to decorate the arch, it is crucial to ensure that you get help from experienced wedding venue decorators. The process will take time and require dedication, it is best to do some research before booking the appointment though, nothing special just things you like from Pinterest. Most often they’ll be able to tell you if it is feasible based on Cape Town’s specific flowers and the dreaded South Easterly.

Wedding Arch at Suikerbossie wedding venue in Cape Town

Aisle Arrangements

After all of the wedding planning, it is finally time to decide on aisle arrangements. Choosing this detail may be the most important of the whole process as it is the first thing your guests will see, and it sets the tone for the entire event. Floral arrangements can be as traditional or as contemporary as you desire, and there are so many ways to tie in your personality and wedding style with the flowers. For example, suppose you want your aisle to be stunning. In that case, you can go with classic vases or charmingly mismatched floral arrangements. Suppose you are looking for more modern, edgy designs for your aisle. In that case, you can choose simple lanterns, geometrical structures or a combination of both. If you are a more rustic type of person – silver buckets or wooden boxes filled with greens and inexpensive filler flowers like mic daisy and wax are effective.

Buttonhole flowers

Buttonhole flowers are a great way to add a little personal touch to your wedding, and they can be small and cheap or large and extravagant. The most popular buttonhole flower is the traditional rose boutonniere with leaf backing. There are many different options for buttonhole flowers. Buttonhole flowers are generally worn on the lapel of a suit. The groom will have contrasting colours compared to the groomsmen. Colour options include blue, white or red. To make the buttonhole softer in colour, you can always use peach blossoms instead of the traditional colours.

Looking For Wedding Flowers In Cape Town?

Hopefully, you enjoyed our guide and we gave you a couple of ideas or items that you may not have previously considered. If you’re looking for wedding flowers in Cape Town then the Flower Warehouse is your go-to florist for all your wedding flowers and decoration needs. Get in touch

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